Friday, June 27, 2008

Sugar Alcohols And The Scale

Yup I'm up a pound this week. I know that I now suffer from Post MS instead of PMS, I managed to make it through the whole TOM without a sugar free chocolate in hand but one day later while out on one of my now tri-weekly trips to Carrefour( Europe's Walmart in UAE) there was this king size sugar free white chocolate bar and I had to have it, never mind the 56 grams of sugar alcohols for each 4 pieces, there were about 24 pieces in all. I will have self control I told myself, only eat 4 pieces a day till its done. Well that was enough to get me to put it my cart and off we went. Day one , ate four pieces and put the rest away, day 2 ate 4 pieces and put the rest away, day three the chocolate told me that if I just ate it all that day it would no longer be there anymore to tempt me, so down the hatch it went, yeah I know, not much self control there . Any way gone went the candy bar and it took my ketosis with it. I finally got the darn stick to turn purple today so I am back in ketosis again so that's a plus. Now just waiting for my Scale to catch on that yeah I really want to lose weight and its not fair to punish me for one small indiscretion. Well lesson learned unless I want to gain a pound leave the king size sugar alcohol laden deliciously creamy white chocolate bar in the store, cause no matter how good it tastes I will be sorry after. This week I learned that sugar alcohols don't like me very much and my scale can be very two-faced as well.
On a much brighter note, I have ordered the medication that I need, just praying now that they allow the delivery to go smoothly. I cant wait to feel better because I have been sleeping like a bear in hibernation this week, and still haven't started back exercising but I will try hard to get there this week.

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Jenn Baker said...

Man, when I eat SF chocolate, I allow myself 1 piece for the day. Sugar alcohols work just like real sugar in my body... which is fine, it's good incentive to avoid it.

I'm sorry TOM hits you so hard.

I hope you get your meds quickly and smoothly. Good luck!!!