Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not complaining but...

I have the flu, yeah just what I needed 5 days before we go on vacation. Not to mention we had to postpone our trip a few days because the airlines canceled our first flight so our trip got pushed forward a few days which has now turned out to be a blessing now that I am sick. I am just praying that I am over it before we leave. My mom has arrived here safely and the kids and I are all enjoying her so much. I just hope I don't make anyone sick. I would hate to leave her here with a house full of sick kids to tend to. I won't be able to weigh in next thursday, and I am not even going to try. This will be a good excercice for me to put some distance between myself and the scale. I am going to try and do my best to stick to my induction levels while I am away, But I am also giving myself permission to maybe have 1 or 2 free meals where I can eat what I want to. I may or may not use those free meals, but I am leaving that open as an option in case there is a situation that warrants me to eat off plan. I went clothes shopping the other day for my trip and much to my surprise I can now wear a size 18 bottom, On top I am still a 20-24 depending on the cut of the shirt but I know after breastfeeding 10 children my upstairs is going to be there for a good while and I am actually not looking foward to having to deal with being non-perky up there, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I may just have to treat myself to a boob job when I reach my final goal ( whatever that is). Ok thats it for now, See you in two weeks.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summertime Burnout!!!

This is going to be really short because I am really in a funk today for some reason. I shouldn't be I went to the salon and had my hair done and got a manicure and pedicure and waxing so I should be feeling pampered and all dolled up , but instead I'm annoyed and irritated. Oh well blame it on hormones and maybe it's due to the fact that we are two months into the summer break, maybe I'm just burned out a bit. Dh is a school teacher and would probably kill me for saying this but, I can't wait until school starts back. My mom will be here to visit next week for a month and dh and I are taking a trip for a week while she is here to get some alone time and give her some "grandma time only" with the kids, I am praying that it all goes smoothly. Hopefully the trip with just dh and I will be enough to rejuvenate me and get me through the rest of the summer break without incident. OK that's it for today, Hmmm maybe the fact that I am only down one pound this week contributed to my funky mood?????

Thursday, July 17, 2008

270's here I come!!!!

I can't even explain how good it feels to be down in the 270's a place I don't think I have been in at least 4 maybe even 5 years. It's no where close to where I want to end up, at this point I think I now have about 100 pounds left to go, but I am going to keep taking it one day at a time. My mini goal is to be in the 250's or less by my birthday in November, I think I can do it. I look back at my stats and I noticed that I stayed in the 290's for a very long time. Those where my days of experimenting with adding different things to my diet. What I think I have discovered is that simple is much better, I lose better, I am less frustrated with the scale when I keep my menu items simple. So i wont be doing egg creams and all that good stuff for the next month or so, I want to see if my theory sticks. I am sure that since I have only been in the 270's a few days I may go back up a bit until it sticks but I am ok with that. I STILL have not gotten back on the exercise wagon, as a matter of fact that wagon has totally ran me over and I am more like under the wagon, but I am going to really try and make that a goal this week to get back started. I know I will feel much better if I do it, but that's easy to say and very hard to put into practice.
I am going to try really hard though. Thanks for stopping by..until next week.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The heat is on.......

Whew, its at least 100 here everyday and it feels like it may be 150. Summer is in full blast and I am praying this is my last summer ever over 200 pounds. I look foward to writing next year this time with my weight being in "one-derland" ever if its 199. My medicine has arrived free of incident and I have been on it a few days now. I have to wait a month to repeat my lab work and see if the dose needs adjusting but I am starting to feel alot better thats for sure. A pair of my jeans that used to really hug me tight went on with ease today and I could stick both of my hands in the gap between my back and the jeans, I cant wait until that happens in the front too. Staying on plan has been realy easy. I am so busy with my little ones being home and trying to keep everyone entertained that I really dont have time to think much about food, its so liberating not obssessing over food all day. I dont have any time to really hang out on the low carb forum like I used to I really miss that but when school starts back I will get back there. I am also taking an arabic class an hour a day in the evenings so I am enjoying doing something for myself as well. So far this summer is off to a really great start.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Wild Wadi... whooo hoooo

This is going to be short because I am exhausted. Last night my eldest daughter and I went to "ladies night" at an amazing amusement park here in Dubai. Here is the link: It was totally awesome, the rides were so much fun, I don't know when last I had that much fun. Of course my daughter and I both want to go back. Hopefully we will get to go again before the summer is out. Even better than that, I fit in every ride, ha ha. No embarrassing moments of " sorry maam this ride isn't for you". and the best of all, I stayed on plan the whole time, I was actually having so much fun that we didnt eat or drink a thing the entire time, When we left I ate 3 pieces of KFC but since that was all I had eaten since lunch it didnt take me over my carb count for the day. The pounds are still doing their thing. I was 285 before so I am really not impressed, I know its a great accomplishment considering I started at 322 so I have lost about 37 pounds so far but I'm still very much plus sized. I just need more patience with myself thats all. Ok lunch time , grilled chicken and salad are on the menu for today. take care

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sugar Alcohols And The Scale

Yup I'm up a pound this week. I know that I now suffer from Post MS instead of PMS, I managed to make it through the whole TOM without a sugar free chocolate in hand but one day later while out on one of my now tri-weekly trips to Carrefour( Europe's Walmart in UAE) there was this king size sugar free white chocolate bar and I had to have it, never mind the 56 grams of sugar alcohols for each 4 pieces, there were about 24 pieces in all. I will have self control I told myself, only eat 4 pieces a day till its done. Well that was enough to get me to put it my cart and off we went. Day one , ate four pieces and put the rest away, day 2 ate 4 pieces and put the rest away, day three the chocolate told me that if I just ate it all that day it would no longer be there anymore to tempt me, so down the hatch it went, yeah I know, not much self control there . Any way gone went the candy bar and it took my ketosis with it. I finally got the darn stick to turn purple today so I am back in ketosis again so that's a plus. Now just waiting for my Scale to catch on that yeah I really want to lose weight and its not fair to punish me for one small indiscretion. Well lesson learned unless I want to gain a pound leave the king size sugar alcohol laden deliciously creamy white chocolate bar in the store, cause no matter how good it tastes I will be sorry after. This week I learned that sugar alcohols don't like me very much and my scale can be very two-faced as well.
On a much brighter note, I have ordered the medication that I need, just praying now that they allow the delivery to go smoothly. I cant wait to feel better because I have been sleeping like a bear in hibernation this week, and still haven't started back exercising but I will try hard to get there this week.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let the summer vacation begin.

Its official, everyone in the house including dh are now on summer vacation. It was a smooth transition so far, with a few bumps. My little one got burned with hot tea, so I am nursing her wound, and the baby had an allergic reaction to some teething meds and had to be rushed to the ER. Thank God they are both fine. I'm still dealing with the inability to get hold of my thyroid medications right now, which is very frustrating. For some reason T3 isn't on the market for sale in the UAE, go figure. So I may have to try and get the Ministry of Health here to give me permisson to have some sent here, I wont be holding my breath on that too long though.
My weight is back on the decline and I am thankful for that , I know most thyroid patients have trouble losing and that is not my issue. I suffer with the fatigue, muscle aches(all over body aches), feelings of not wanting to move, excessive sleep patterns, and now hair loss, aspects of hypothyroidism, and according to my lab work I have the antibodies that indicate that I have Hashimotos disease,haven't really figured out what all that means just yet I will post my lab work later on. So needless to say this week I have alot of research cut out for me with the addition of a dh and 10 kids to now tend to ALL DAY LONG,lol. Hold on to your hats ladies, its going to be quite a ride.