Friday, July 4, 2008

Wild Wadi... whooo hoooo

This is going to be short because I am exhausted. Last night my eldest daughter and I went to "ladies night" at an amazing amusement park here in Dubai. Here is the link: It was totally awesome, the rides were so much fun, I don't know when last I had that much fun. Of course my daughter and I both want to go back. Hopefully we will get to go again before the summer is out. Even better than that, I fit in every ride, ha ha. No embarrassing moments of " sorry maam this ride isn't for you". and the best of all, I stayed on plan the whole time, I was actually having so much fun that we didnt eat or drink a thing the entire time, When we left I ate 3 pieces of KFC but since that was all I had eaten since lunch it didnt take me over my carb count for the day. The pounds are still doing their thing. I was 285 before so I am really not impressed, I know its a great accomplishment considering I started at 322 so I have lost about 37 pounds so far but I'm still very much plus sized. I just need more patience with myself thats all. Ok lunch time , grilled chicken and salad are on the menu for today. take care


Jenn Baker said...

Sounds like you're doing good. I'm VERY happy for you!!!

And how awesome is to fit in rides? I haven't been to an amusement park in a long time due to fear that I won't fit. One day I shall return!!!

mom2_9andcounting said...

I felt really great Jenn. Last year I went to a small fair here at the park and they said I couldnt get on a ride with my duaghter and it was soooo heart breaking to be told that. I promised never to return there again unless I knew I could get on the rides,lol.