Thursday, July 10, 2008

The heat is on.......

Whew, its at least 100 here everyday and it feels like it may be 150. Summer is in full blast and I am praying this is my last summer ever over 200 pounds. I look foward to writing next year this time with my weight being in "one-derland" ever if its 199. My medicine has arrived free of incident and I have been on it a few days now. I have to wait a month to repeat my lab work and see if the dose needs adjusting but I am starting to feel alot better thats for sure. A pair of my jeans that used to really hug me tight went on with ease today and I could stick both of my hands in the gap between my back and the jeans, I cant wait until that happens in the front too. Staying on plan has been realy easy. I am so busy with my little ones being home and trying to keep everyone entertained that I really dont have time to think much about food, its so liberating not obssessing over food all day. I dont have any time to really hang out on the low carb forum like I used to I really miss that but when school starts back I will get back there. I am also taking an arabic class an hour a day in the evenings so I am enjoying doing something for myself as well. So far this summer is off to a really great start.

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Jenn Baker said...

I'm glad you got your meds, feeling better and pants are fitting looser. I've been all over the LCF boards the last few days due to a my mid summer vacation. But it ends Monday and then it's back to business with a class that I need to make an A in.

*sigh* 2.5 more years and I'll have my Bachelors. Then I get a job making some real money and that'll be SWEET!!! :)

Anyways, glad to hear you're doing well!!! Stay on the wagon and congrats on the Arabic class! I can't wait till I have time to learn a foreign language, however, I live in Texas so Spanish is the logical language to learn. At least it'll be the most helpful. :)